SOLARCO Machinery specializes in professional and effective production, sales and technical support of our own boxmaker machines designed for short and middle runs of regular slotted containers, pads, divisions, etc. We divide our machines into the following products lines.


Boxmatic with feeder and stacker

Our most demanded line of boxmakers which offers all the advantages as BOXMATIC Manual (print, extra die-cuts, multi-out etc.), but has also different solutions for automation (loading and unloading/stacking tables).

BOXMATIC Manual line

Boxmatic Manual

This line does multi-out production and can be equipped with more additional die-cuts, a smart flexo module for high quality print which you can program for each cliché independently, thus (re-)print it anywhere along the sheet.



Economical solution of manual boxmaker line with low space demands. There is a possibility of one additional die-cut section and multi-out production in both directions of the sheet.


Easymatic - Products - automatic boxmaker machines

Really easy machine to operate and the smallest lowcost machine we produce for manual boxmaking process. There is an option of one additional die-cut section and multi-out production in across dimension only.

Special Offers

For more information about any of our products with special delivery or prices, please contact our Sales Department by e-mail: sales@solarco.cz or by phone: +420 321 734 924 / 23.